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Domus of the Myth
The Domus, dated 1st century a.C., is located in “Campo della Pieve” . It is  in Sant’Angelo in Vado (25 Km  from Urbino). It is a Domus of 1000 squares meters  with many rooms. Each one decorated with an elaborate series of two coloured mosaics and polychrome mosaics and everyone is different from the other one. 

The Domus of the Myth is one of the greatest discoveries of this last fifty years for the Central Italy and the Domus is called of the Myth because mostly mosaics represent classical mythological figures.
Every mosaic is well preserved and the high quality and the wonderful decorations show a very refined, cultured commission and very specialized workers in mosaic.

There you can admire  fine figures such as: Neptune with his wife Amphitrite on his special carriage “the Triumph Carriage”, Baccus and Medusa.

And then the “Triclinium” decorated with a Marine Fight: a moray bites a polyp and the polyp catches a lobster. All around this figure there are forty different decorated medallions and many geometrical themes in black and white.
                  Polychrome mosaic The Triumph Carriage Marine Fight

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